WearCheck specialises in a range of condition monitoring techniques, which includes the scientific analysis of used oil and other fluids from mechanical and electrical systems. Our services help to boost the availability and reliability of components, thereby helping our customers to operate more efficiently and save money on maintenance.

Our customers operate in many industries such as transport, industrial, power generation, water processing, renewable energy, shipping, aircraft, mining and more.

Alongside WearCheck’s traditional fluid analysis services - which cover the analysis of fuels, transformer oils, coolants, greases and filters – WearCheck customers also have access to our condition monitoring reliability solutions (RS) services and our transformer chemistry services (TCS).

Testing and Analysis

WearCheck conducts scientific analysis of used oil and other fluids from mechanical and electrical systems, which provides critical information about the components from which the samples are drawn.

Reliability Solutions Services
WearCheck specialises in a range of sophisticated condition monitoring techniques which help to improve the remaining life of machinery by testing for potential component malfunctions before they happen.
Lubricant-Enabled Reliability

WearCheck specialises in the development and implementation of Lubrication-Enabled Reliability programs which encompasses all lubrication related activities that improve equipment reliability and asset optimisation.

Why WearCheck?

17 labs and offices worldwide


Processes 800 000+ samples per year


Over 40 years servicing industry


ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025

Oil Analysis in Wind Turbines

The wind turbine gearbox is the most critical component in terms of high failure rates and down time. These premature gearbox failures are a leading maintenance cost driver that can substantially lower the profit margin of a wind turbine operation as they typically result in component replacement.

Oil analysis, along with other condition monitoring tools, offers the potential to effectively manage gearbox maintenance by detecting early damage.

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Laboratory: Head Office, South Africa

A high degree of automation in our laboratories ensure reliability of results and has virtually eliminated time-consuming paper work.

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Des-Case Standard breathers provide simple, yet dependable, protection from moisture as well as particulate contamination in lubricants and equipment across multiple industries and applications.

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